Ultra-long tip for various applications

Our Lprobe is ready to image challenging samples. Never loose contact with the tip thank to the tip visibility from the top.

lprobe tip-lengths
High aspect ratio
Monolithic single crystal silicon tip and cantilever

High aspect ratio

The Lpobe tip shape is unique

From cantilever...

It is a tetrahedral monocrystalline silicon tip

... all along ...

the tetrahedron base is close to the cantilever

... all along ...

the shape is constant from the base to the tip apex

...to the apex

the typical radius of curvature is < 5nm

Sharp tip

Half-angle <9° all along the tip

• < 5nm
zoom x 1000
zoom x 5000
zoom x 10 000
zoom x 50 000
zoom x 500 000
lprobe presentation-tip-lengths

The longest tip

Lprobes are available with different tip lengths. With a silicon tip up to 90µm, you can reach places never explored.

lprobe presentation-tip-lengths

Cantilever clearance

High cantilever clearance for imaging the smallest thing even in the highest vicinity

lprobe cantilever-clearance


Reflex coating or fully coated, Lprobe is ready for your application

lprobe coating


Lprobe cantilever beam cross section is rectangular, coupled with an optimized anchor for a mechanical behaviour always under control

lprobe mechanics
Rectangular cantilever section
Optimal anchoring

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