Design & Technical studies

Vmicro works at all Technological Readiness Levels (TRLs): from ideas at TRL1 to preproduction runs at TRL7–9.

  • Test your device concept with short design / technological loops to help decision-making.
  • Establish design rules for TRL increase.
  • Reproducibility and reliability studies.

Explore design variations for :

  • Preparing larger scale transfert to foundry
  • Device performance assessments

Process integration

From single step operation to complex sequences, Vmicro provides technological processes tailored to customers applications. We assist our customers at each step of their processes, from design rules definition to back-end integration.

Vmicro staff work in a 1600m² cleanroom, which is part of the IEMN laboratory facilities. The fabrication equipment are operated in a highly flexible way that enables Vmicro to propose very individual solutions, with low processing times and lot size matching customers needs.

Vmicro’s main know-how is based on years of experience in micro and nanotechnology and covers silicon processing for MEMS, photonic and electron devices.

Detailed capabilities

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