Vmicro has access to a wide range of different techniques from sputtering tools to evaporators, LPCVD and PECVD, as well as oxidation and diffusion furnaces. We also provide solutions for thin films doping and annealing.


  • LPCVD low temperature oxide, doped or undoped polysilicon, low stress nitride
  • Silicon oxides and nitrides by PECVD
  • DC and RF sputtering of SiO2, Al, Au, Cr and Ti
  • E-beam evaporation (lift-off compatible process) of various metals

Doping & annealing

  • Doping by implantation or predeposition
  • Standard annealing or RTA up to 1100°C
  • Dopant profile engineering: from nanoscale channels to 3D micro and nanostructures
  • Ohmic contact formation
  • Gold nano-spiral on silicon

  • 200nm pitch gold lines

  • High density metal grid

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