Etching processes are critical to MEMS and microfabrication. Vmicro has developed a large experience in that domain and proposes standard and key processes using wet and dry etching techniques.

  • Silicon etching know-how:
    • Vertical plasma etching of silicon layers from 50 nm to 500 µm
    • Anisotropic silicon etch (TMAH, KOH)
    • XeF2 isotropic etching
  • Deep Reactive Ion Etching : we have an extensive experience on:
    • Wall roughness smoothing control
    • Through wafer etching from top side or back side
  • SiO2 / SiN etching : ICP-RIE plasma, vapor HF, wet etching & supercritical drying
  • Other materials : III-V, III-N, metals, cleanroom compatible polymers