Unique advantages 
  • Tapered Streamlined Long Tip
  • Vertical sidewall chip for safe handling
  • Tip view
  • Standard tapping mode
  • Compatible for narrow trenches or high roughness samples imaging
  • Olympus AC160 characteristics



Lprobes are based on a new MEMS patented technology enabling improvements as compared to silicon AFM cantilevers with tip fabricated using mainstream processes developed in the 90’s.

Vmicro In-plane technology enables full batch fabrication of tips with high lengths, low masses and high aspect ratios not only close to apex.

Both cantilever and tip are made of highly doped monocrystalline silicon.

Lprobes are compatible with most SPMs. Our chip is designed with vertical sidewalls that enable safer handling with tweezers.

Probe parameters

Resonant frequency F (kHz) Spring constant K (N/m) 


Cantilever (nominal values)
L (µm)W (µm)t (µm)
Cantilever back sideAl
Tip sidenone

The cantilever is coated with a 30nm thick aluminum layer to increase laser reflection.


Tip (nominal values)
Tip length T (µm)Tip side angle A (°)Apex radius (nm)Apex radius min (nm)Apex radius max (nm)

The tetrahedral tip of Lprobes keeps the same aspect ratio from the apex to the cantilever.

The angle between the tip and the cantilever is designed to compensate the chip holder angle.

The tip is quasi-vertical above the surface. The tip apex is easily located from the camera top view is most AFMs.


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